The AI ​​& Data Virtual Summit 2024, happening on March 27, 2024, will showcase the newest technologies in data science, AI and ML.

The virtual summit is ideal for researchers, developers, data scientists and key business decision makers.

It provides a superb opportunity to explore advanced technologies, network and share insights.

Ariel Munafo, co-founder and owner of Marketech Group, Stav Altfiru, COO of Marketech Group, and Shay Israel, Community Advocate at IsraelClouds, are instrumental in organizing the summit.

Registration is FREE for individuals who join the Summit mailing list.

Agenda and vital topics

Some notable topics and sessions for this fully virtual summit include:

  • AI and data lakes: Pini Krisher, Data Engineering Manager at eToro, will explore how AI technologies are revolutionizing the use of information lakes and making data more accessible and actionable.
  • AI, SQL and GraphQL enter a fertility clinic: Shirli Di-Castro Shashua, Sr. Data Scientist at Embie, introduces a novel approach that uses LLMs to develop medical functions, improving data retrieval in healthcare.
  • Create your global AI policy: Yael Rozencwajg, Founder and CEO of Wild Intelligence, will discuss find out how to follow and implement international AI standards and regulations.
  • The double-edged sword of cybersecurity: Roy Galili Darnell, R&D Group Manager – Detection, discusses the challenges and opportunities that AI presents in improving cybersecurity measures.
  • Using Geospatial Data to Detect Fraud: Lotem Even Zahav, data analyst at Fido, shares insights into using geospatial data for groundbreaking fraud detection methods.

Important information in regards to the AI ​​& Data Virtual Summit 2024

Here is the data it is advisable to know in regards to the AI ​​& Data Virtual Summit 2024:

  • Event date: March 27, 2024
  • Format: A free virtual summit accessible from anywhere.
  • Languages: Lectures and sessions are held in each Hebrew and English to appeal to a various audience.
  • Content focus: Presentations on cutting-edge technologies and solutions in data, AI and ML, including topics akin to AI and data lakes, LLM based medical developmentglobal AI policyCybersecurity and fraud detection using geospatial data.
  • Networking opportunity: This is a platform for connecting with Israel’s best human capital, including researchers, developers, data scientists and business decision-makers.
  • Specialist speakers: Hear from industry experts like Pini Krisher (eToro), Yael Rozencwajg (Wild Intelligence), Shirli Di-Castro Shashua (Embie), Roy Galili Darnell and Lotem Even Zahav (Fido).
  • Registration: FREE for individuals who enroll for the mailing list.

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