The Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard is amazing. Previously we checked out how we will access it and just a few AI features that the Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard has that other keyboards don’t have comparable to the flexibility to Bing search anything inside the keyboard, re-toning texts, AI text composing, and GPT-4 – all inside the Swiftkey keyboard. You don’t even must open another app to access those features. What is next? AI image generation powered by DALL-E 3 inside the keyboard. Yes! You can generate AI images in your keyboard and share them immediately. How? Easy!

Step 1: Access the Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard. Click here to find out how.

Step 2: Tap on the emoji at the underside.

Step 3: Then tap on the Designer icon.

Step 4: Enter the prompt and generate your AI images. Let your imagination run wild and share it with people the world over.

The Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard is actually the embodiment of what you never knew you needed until now and now that you may have it you possibly can not be more grateful. That was all possible resulting from the partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI. Microsoft is serious about AI and resulting from their brilliance, we will currently use the OpenAI’s flagship features without spending a dime. OpenAI’s innovation and Microsoft’s competitiveness an ideal examples of what an ideal partnership can do. Make sure to not miss out on this one. The Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard is free to make use of and free to rejoice with. Try it. You won’t regret it. 



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