Animation will not be easy and it could take as much as 4 years so that you can master the skill. Canva is a free tool stuffed with opportunities and is AI feature-rich. Even though you’ll be able to not create full-on anime videos on Canva, you’ll be able to still create animation videos without having any animation skills. In lower than 5 minutes you’ll be able to have an avatar performing the specified animation and rather more with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI). 

How are you able to make it?

Step 1: Visit Canva and click on on “Apps”.

Step 2: In the search bar enter – Krikey AI Animate. Choose the primary option.

Step 3: Click on Use in recent design and choose the video format. 

Step 4: Choose your avatar and the animation you would like it to perform.

Step 5: Type in what you would like the character to say and the language you would like it to be. You may even adjust the accent and alter the speaker’s voice. It is all AI-generated.

Step 6: Click Generate and adjust the dimensions of the video. 

Step 7: Review and download the video. Share it on social media and use it to entertain children.

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In conclusion, forget the years of animation training! With Canva’s recent AI-powered Krikey Animate app, you’ll be able to create engaging animated videos in only minutes. Simply select your avatar, animation, and script, and let AI do the remaining. From explaining an idea to entertaining the children, the probabilities are countless. So, ditch the complexity and produce your ideas to life with the magic of AI animation on Canva.



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