A unicorn is a magical creature that resembles a horse with a single horn protruding from its brow. Unicorns are said to have healing powers and are sometimes related to purity and innocence. In medieval times, unicorns were believed to be real animals, and their horns were highly valued. Today, unicorns are mostly present in kid’s stories and flicks. They are typically portrayed as gentle and loving creatures, but they will also be fierce defenders of their forest homes.

What is a Unicorn when it comes to company valuation?

A Unicorn is a start-up company that has achieved a valuation of over one billion dollars. The term was first coined in 2013 by enterprise capitalist Aileen Lee, who used it to explain the rarity of such businesses. While Unicorns are frequently related to the technology sector, they will come from any industry. Some of probably the most well-known Unicorns include ride-sharing service Uber, online retailer Etsy, and home-sharing platform Airbnb. As these firms have shown, achieving Unicorn status requires significant growth and an unlimited potential market. In addition, Unicorns often profit from a first-mover advantage or a novel business model that sets them other than their competition. While the trail to becoming a Unicorn isn’t easy, these firms have demonstrated that it is feasible to realize extraordinary success.

So, what’s the latest Unicorn we spotted?

Stability AI Ltd. … that’s our latest Unicorn.

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