Our AI art gallery has been quite successful with robots! Every day, we use DALL-E 2 to generate two images of robots AI-appreciating artwork in an AI-imagined gallery and mechanically post them on our AI art gallery’s Twitter feed. It’s really amazing to see how these creations come to life. The artwork that comes out of this AI system is exclusive in its own way and provides us an interesting peek into what the longer term of AI art promotion may appear to be. It’s incredible how technology helps us explore recent ways of promoting AI art through the usage of artificial intelligence.

We use Make paired with OpenAI’s API to make this occur.

AI-generated art is becoming an increasing number of prevalent on the planet, adding a singular and modern take to the art industry. These images are particularly impressive because they feature artwork created by an AI encased inside one other AI-generated image. It’s almost like looking right into a computerized infinite mirror of sorts! Although this type of “meta” art is comparatively recent, it has been embraced with great enthusiasm and support – showing that even complex technology will be appreciated for its aesthetic beauty on some level.

This automation flow from Make shows how we completed this automated task.



The day by day cost is minimal at about $0.04 for access to the OpenAI API and about $0.3 for the Make automation service (i.e $9.99/month for a lot of automations).

As you possibly can see we use the identical automation to post these images to Instagram and our AI gallery’s Facebook page.

As a business or individual in the net world, it is vital to maintain up with the trends and stay relevant. Automating AI posts for social media channels is an amazing method to do exactly that! AI technology can create automated posts that look natural, skilled, and tailored to your particular audience – ensuring you stand out amongst others within the industry. Not only that but automating AI posts can prevent time so you possibly can deal with other features of running what you are promoting. No matter what sort of organization you might be, AI-based automated posts are a high-impact method to strengthen your social media presence!

We also use an analogous automation to have interaction our audience once a day with a “Left vs Right?” poll
and regular tweets showcasing AI artwork on the partitions of AI generated living environments.

If you would like help with this type of setup, please email me@steve.digital.

Note: 99% of this post was written by Jasper.

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