We created this video with D-ID in under 5 minutes … here’s how you may do it too …

  1. Generate a face at Midjourney
    We used the prompt ““ for this one.
    The image file size must be under 5Mb (if yours is a bit larger shrink the image to 1280×1280 pixels). D-ID has inbuilt AI presenter generation features available too when you don’t have Midjourney.

  2. Create a FREE trial account at D-ID

  3. Click the massive “+” (plus) button to Upload Your Avatar (“Presenter“) Image

  4. Tell the presenter what to say
    Type the text you prefer to the avatar to talk into the sector on the suitable and select a voice you prefer to below (it uses text-to-speech technology to talk what your wrote – or when you prefer you may upload an audio file together with your own recording). You can preview the voice with the speaker button under the text. You may even use the magic wand for the text to be expanded by AI (GPT-3).

  5. Click the “Generate Video” button and a few minutes later you may download the video

  6. That’s it!

D-ID has a really low-cost $5.99/month plan available if you must play more beyond the 20 free credits (about five 1-minute videos or more shorter ones) you get whenever you enroll – this can be a no-brainer for businesses to make use of on web sites and social media!

Note: This post was actually written by a human, sorry.

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