AI image generators have come a great distance lately. When they first started off, they were quite bad at drawing tents. This was because they may only generate images based on the few examples that they’d been given. However, they’ve since learned methods to generalize from these examples and at the moment are a lot better at drawing tents. In fact, they at the moment are so good at it that they’ll even create realistic images of tents which have never been seen before. This is a testament to the facility of AI and its ability to learn and innovate.

Why are tents difficult to generate?

When you have a look at a picture of a tent, you would possibly not immediately consider geometry or symmetry. However, each of those concepts are essential to the design of most tents. The shape of a typical tent is created by two triangular sides and an oblong base. This easy shape is simple to assemble and provides a sturdy structure that may withstand high winds. However, the actual key to a tent’s stability is its symmetrical design. By placing the poles in equal positions on either side of the tent, the burden is evenly distributed and the chance of collapse is minimized. In fact, many tents are designed with additional elements of symmetry, equivalent to guy lines that help to stabilize the structure in strong winds. So next time you see a photograph of a tent, take a better look and appreciate the geometry and symmetry that make it such a necessary item for any camper.

When most individuals consider a tent, they picture a straightforward, four-sided structure. However, tents are available a wide range of sizes and shapes, each designed for a particular purpose. For example, dome tents are typically used for camping, as they supply a very good amount of headroom and may be easily arrange in minutes. In contrast, cabin tents are much larger and heavier, making them ideal for prolonged stays within the wilderness. Then there are tunnel tents, that are long and narrow and infrequently utilized by mountaineers. Some tents, like bell tents, even have more complex shapes. No matter what the aim, there’s a tent on the market that is ideal for the job.

Here is what Midjourney V3 created when prompted to attract “a bell tent”. At best the outcomes are bad, at worst they’re pathetic.

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