If you might solve any global problem on this planet with AI, what wouldn’t it be and why?

Climate change, since it’s probably the most pressing problem on the planet. Followed closely by disorders of the brain, because they’ve an enormous impact on human flourishing.

What do you’re thinking that are the three most significant things for businesses in relation to AI in the mean time?

1. Do a radical evaluation of inefficiencies in your corporation and discover how AI could eliminate them.
2. Don’t deploy models before conducting thorough audits (or getting another person to).
3. Don’t deploy fully autonomous systems when it isn’t vital.



What do you’re thinking that are the three most significant things for humanity in relation to AI in the mean time?


1. Get more public compute resources to make sure that AI models will not be solely built by for-profit-companies.
2. Make sure the general public understands the how AI works at a high level.
3. Make sure individuals are aware of the potential for AI-based misinformation campaigns.


How do you’re thinking that AI will make its biggest mark in the subsequent 5, 10, 20 years?


In 5 years: white collar jobs are transformed, many individuals will use AI to extend their productivity.
In 10 years: people will begin to see AI as a natural partner of their day-to-day life.
In 20 years: I do not know, I do not need to make a prediction that far out.


Which 2 people do you admire most on this planet of AI by way of their work?





Global AI events calendar

24-25 April 2024

Montréal, Canada


World AI Week 

7-11 October 2024

Amsterdam, Netherlands


9-10 October 2024

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Intelligent Health

11-12 September 2024

Basel, Switzerland


10-11 December 2024

DECC, Doha, Qatar



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