Remember when RunwayML launched the Motion Brush feature? No! You sure are missing out on something cool, but worry not you possibly can at all times learn something recent and fun day-after-day. Motion Brush was the brand new feature introduced by RunwayML that would give life to your regular still images – you possibly can click here to learn more about it. Back then you could possibly highlight only a single area of the image and apply motion to that individual region only. 

Now you possibly can highlight a couple of region and add motion individually to every. Want to understand how? Let’s get into it.

Step 1: Go to the RunwayML website and click on one, .

Step 2: Click on . 

Step 3: For the image, you possibly can either use your image or get an AI-generated image from Ideogram.

Step 4: Upload the image you wanna give motion to after which click on Motion Brush after choosing the image. 

Step 5: You will have the ability to individually highlight the objects you need to add motion to and adjust the settings for every. You may even adjust the camera motion. Once done click on generate. 

Step 6: Watch the next video to see the entire walk-through with the top product.



RunwayML broke the ceiling once more with this Multi-Motion Brush feature allowing anyone to bring any image to life from a couple of side. You can let your imagination run while with Ideogram knowing full well you possibly can turn that picture right into a living masterpiece with RunwayML. Ideoagram is fun to make use of and RunwayML can be fun to make use of. You can mess around with each tools free of charge and make probably the most out of them. 

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