Motion Brush by Runway ML Gen-2 permits you to bring your stationary images to life in only 4 seconds. This may look like magic to some, others may not even consider that it’s true.

However, that is in actual fact a reality and you’ll be able to do that out without delay yourself for completely free. We’ll show you ways you’ll be able to try it out and find out how to start with this latest feature by Runway ML. 

Step 1: Go to the official Runway ML web sites and click on on on Motion Brush.

Step 2: Click on and upload the image(s) you need to blow life into. 

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Step 3: Paint the world you need to bring to life and adjust the and directional speed and save. 

Step 4: Click on and wait for some time and – BOOM! You have a live picture which a mainly a 4 seconds video.

This is totally crazy which you can bring any image to life and it would take you lower than a minute to achieve this. With time this tech will only improve and recuperate, as Ranway keeps innovating and bringing latest features to Gen-2. Let’s just wait and watch what latest features Runway ML brings with Gen-2 and possibly introduce Gen-3 within the near future.  



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