Figma is one of the vital popular collaborative design tools for creating well-meaning product designs, attracting tens of millions monthly users. Figma lets you collaborate in real time along with your team, creating realistic prototypes, and even assisting developers to translate designs into codes. Figma is generally utilized by individuals with technical design and coding knowledge/ experience, nevertheless, there are occasions when even a non-technical person can use Figma to create outstanding things for instance: Creating a product card with Figma auto layout.

Now with this Figma tool, you may create and convert your sketch into designs. You don’t need any past experience hence, making it very beginner-friendly. All it is advisable do to start out using the tool is follow the next steps one after the other.

Step 1: Go to Figma and open a brand new page. 

Step 2: Go to then . In the search bar enter and click on on the one just like the next.

Step 3: Enter your OpenAI API and sketch the design you wish.

Step 4: Click on Export Drawing and enter a prompt to assist the tool higher understand your idea – and wait.


Step 5: A totally functioning Figma layout might be generated that you would be able to mess around with.

Figma is an incredible tool with limitless potential however it’s only because of individuals like Ollie Martunov who created this recent tool for Figma and all credit goes to Ollie. Figma has helped teams get to great success and construct great products. There are and is not going to be any stops in the expansion of Figma anytime soon. Even in case you are a beginner and never tried Figma before now could be the very best time with tools like Sketch to design which lets you generate designs from easy sketches or create a product card with Figma auto layout.

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