In this post, I’ll share the most effective ChatGPT alternatives to make it easier to find the precise AI chatbot.

In this post, I’ll:

  • Share the most effective ChatGPT alternatives
  • Compare each alternative with ChatGPT
  • My experience with each tool with all of the vital details you wish

Though there are actually a whole bunch of ChatGPT alternatives out there, I won’t cover all of them.


I’ve tried some, and so they are good for nothing. I’ll speak about a few of the most effective ones that stand out.

So, in case you’re fed up with ChatGPT, prepare to pick a fairly awesome alternative.

The Best ChatGPT Alternatives

1. GitHub Copilot

What I like: Complete and secure code automation.

Pricing: $10-$39 per user monthly

Best for: Coders

If you’re a coder, then Github Copilot is only for you, as I even have personally tried it, and imagine me, it’s equal to ChatGPT in case you’re a developer ().

With GitHub Copilot, what I discovered unique is you possibly can feel more confident with the standard of code you write.

github copilot research

Beginners often face this problem, however it helps them create projects 55% faster.

Some of probably the most useful features of GitHub Copilot includes:

  • Convert Comments to Code: Comment on what you wish, and Copilot crafts the code for you.
  • Vulnerability Prevention: Copilot watches out for security issues.
  • Documentation Assistant: Copilot provides relevant information from your organization’s documents in your workspace.
  • Pull Request Summaries: Summarize your pull requests, making reviews and understanding changes easier.
  • Personalized Learning: Adapts to your coding style and preferences.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Use it on the command line or mobile.

I’ve found that Copilot’s autocomplete feature works phenomenally.

github copilot interface
GitHub Copilot Chat

Copilot often finishes the entire function once I start typing out what I need my code to do.

copilot github comment autocomplete

The more I code and add comments, the smarter Copilot gets. It understands the entire picture of what I’m coding.

So, even halfway through a sentence, it knows what I’m attempting to say and finishes my comments for me.

As I’m not knowledgeable coder, I spent a while yesterday checking what GitHub Copilot users love and hate about it.

While browsing, I discovered a case study by LogRocket where they shared how they created a straightforward quote application that displays the quote’s sentiment using just Copilot.

Here’s what they built with the assistance of GitHub Copilot:

quote generator app

A couple of other features that GitHub Copilot impresses me with are:

  • Autofill Repetitive Code
  • Code Testing
  • Ease in Usage of Unfamiliar Languages

Also, I like the UX of GitHub Copilot regarding coders, which is much better than ChatGPT. But yeah, it’s a private preference, so your opinions might differ.

Overall, in case you’re a developer or a student who desires to code, GitHub Copilot can be my advice. For students, it’s free.

2. Chatsonic (Writesonic)


What I like: Better bots and more features than ChatGPT

Pricing: $0-$49 per user monthly

Best for: Everyone (Writers, Coders, Artists, Researchers)

For writers creating emails, newsletters, and blogs, Writesonic is a superb ChatGPT alternative.

But why?

In my opinion, Chatsonic is roughly much like ChatGPT.


But has a greater UI and chatbots specifically built for content marketing.

chatsonic options of chatbots for writing

With Chatsonic, you get two usage options: Premium and Superior.

The difference is with the Premium option, you get GPT 3.5, and you possibly can expect hallucinations and never very high-quality content.

chatsonic premium option

The other option is Superior, through which you get GPT 4. Expect higher outputs, high-quality blogs, emails, outlines, and more.

For SEOs and marketers, Chatsonic (Writesonic) is super helpful because it provides all of the vital tools.

You get a keyword research tool that gives 10-20 long tails in your seed keyword with a keyword difficulty. You can copy the keywords to Chatsonic’s Blog writing bot and create content in minutes.

keyword tool chatsonic

This is a busy task in ChatGPT, because it takes loads of time and a unique set of tools. Also, you get options to make use of the Chatsonic and begin a conversation based on an internet URL, document, audio, and image.

talk with chatsonic using audio, docs

It can browse Google and isn’t depending on just Bing, which is a plus, in my view.

You also get the choice to create your Bot GPTs with Botsonic, identical to OpenAI’s Custom GPTs. Remember, with the free Botsonic plan, you get 100 messages only, and the Botsonic plan is different from Writesonic.

So, surprise, it is best to have different plans to make use of each Writesonic and Botsonic.

writesonic and botsonic pricing

Chatsonic is a very good selection in case you don’t need a task-specific ChatGPT alternative that does every little thing from image generation to coding.

3. Claude AI

Claude AI

What I like: Add documents as much as 10MB with a context area of 100K

Pricing: $0-$20 per user monthly

Best for: Research & Insight

If you’re updated with the recent AI news, you would possibly know that Google has hugely invested in Claude.

In my opinion, Claude AI is great at writing stuff that doesn’t sound AI’sh. You know, the form of sentence that feels like “on the earth of revolutionizing artificial intelligence.”

On the opposite hand, Claude AI’s understanding of context may be very different than ChatGPT

Here’s an example to indicate you what I mean:

chatgpt vs claude intent comparison

In this instance, I gave a prompt, “Write an introduction to Panda in simplest English,” though ChatGPT understood my intent, Claude didn’t.

Anyway, that’s my personal opinion of Claude, but in case you’re a author like me, you’d like Claude higher than ChatGPT.

But in case you’re a coder or a researcher, Claude isn’t my advice.

I take advantage of Claude AI, although I’m an enormous fan of ChatGPT 4 because Claude reads and analyses large documents and texts easily without errors.

4. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI

What I like: Academically accurate, Better Citations, Solves Hard Maths Problems

Pricing: $0-$20 per user monthly

Best for: Researchers, Students, Creators, and Academics

Perplexity AI is one other pretty decent ChatGPT alternative that provides some similar features.

However, I feel Perplexity AI differs from ChatGPT in research tasks. It is an awesome chatbot in case you’re a researcher or Data Analyst.

Here’s why:

With Perplexity, you get various options to steer your chat in a certain manner. For example, you possibly can select how you desire to use Perplexity. Say you’re an educational author.

You can select among the many options below and begin your chat.

options in Perplexity like academic, writing, youtube and more

Say you selected Academic from the above option. You can then provide a subject, and Perplxity will only give you data based on Academic papers and never generic articles from the net.

Which is why I like Perplexity. It may be very task-specific; if I ever need to summarize a YouTube video, it does immediately.

It may also seek for discussions on Reddit, which is wow. The other day, I had a question on methods to use Character.AI, and I only wanted a Reddit-based answer.

perplexity answering reddit query

I didn’t Google it, but I used Perplexity, and here’s the way it helped answer my query.

Perplexity also has a Discover tab, which provides the most recent news summaries by gathering all the info from the net with cited sources.

Perplexity Discover tab

I discovered Perplexity AI to be more context-aware than ChatGPT 4.

Perplexity AI is an awesome ChatGPT alternative with all its functionalities for researchers in case you want an up-to-date chatbot that gives precise information without hallucinations.

In case you’re wondering, Perplexity AI costs $200/ 12 months and comes with AI models like GPT-4, Claude 2.1, and Gemini.

Perplexity AI

But at the top of the day, all of it depends upon your personal needs and preferences. So try it out yourself because it is free.

5. Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot

What I like: Microsoft 365 Integration, Web Page Summarizer, Basic Chat

Pricing: $0-$30 per user monthly

Best for: Everyone

There are all the time different opinions, and I’m not an enormous fan of using Microsoft Copilot.

I feel it’s still an honest ChatGPT alternative because you need to use Copilot Pro for a lot of things in case you use Microsoft Office.

It integrates well with Microsoft Documents and Excel and helps generate presentations.

As you possibly can see below, the table that I asked Copilot to generate might be imported to Excel with a click:

microsoft office copilot integration

The things that I dislike are:

  • Very generic responses although it has a Precise conversation style option.
  • It’s a bit expensive compared to other alternatives.
  • Confusing and messy UI.
  • Slow responses

Let’s now speak about what Microsoft Copilot does well. In my case I discovered it to be a lot better at web or document summarization and AI music creation powered by Suno. It’s an awesome feature if you desire to summarize a book, article, or anything.

The other great feature of Microsoft Copilot is conversation-style options. It is available in three styles: More Creative, More Balanced, and More Precise.

Microsoft Copilot is conversation-style

Let me show you what difference they make while generating responses.

I attempted rewriting a paragraph given below using different conversation styles provided by Microsoft Copilot, and listed here are the outcomes.

“Pandas are large, black and white bears. They are mostly known for his or her unique color pattern and love for bamboo. Pandas live within the forests of China.”

Using More Creative Style:

Using More Creative Style

Using More Balanced Style:

Using More Balanced Style

Using More Precise Style:

Using More Precise Style

Well, I’ll leave the choice so that you can make.

I also tried creating an AI pop song with Microsoft Copilot, which I loved. I don’t think some other chatbot now provides an AI song-generation feature.

I used the Suno extension, and here’s what I generated:

AI song generation

In a nutshell, Microsoft Copilot is an honest ChatGPT alternative but not higher than ChatGPT.


Because of its generic responses sometimes, which doesn’t help, even the suggestions or comparisons it builts lack depth, facts, and proper context.

6. Poe

poeai chatbot

What I like: Writing, Coding, Researching and More

Pricing: $0-$20 per user monthly

Best for: Users who like to try different AI models

Created by Quora’s CEO, Adam D’Angelo, Poe AI is a hidden gem for me.

I don’t know in case you’ll agree, but what Poe does with its AI model library, I don’t think any chatbot does the identical thing right away.

I even have been a Poe member for six months, and there’s no day I don’t use it.

The smartest thing about Poe AI is it offers loads of pre-built bots and lots of language models you can use for specific tasks.

Some of the highest language models Poe has access to are:

Different Chatbots in Poe AI

You can easily browse the net, generate images using Dall-E or Stable Diffusion, and write content easily.

I used Stable Diffusion through Poe, and here’s what I generated.

And am impressed with how easily Stable Diffusion might be used on Poe AI.

Stable Diffusion can be used on Poe AI

My predominant query is,

And the reply is yes. A Poe subscription gives you a minimum of 600 GPT-4, 1000 Claude-2-100k, 1000 ChatGPT-16k, 50 GPT-4-32k, and unlimited messages with all other system bots monthly.

Which is wow, right?

You may also easily create and deploy custom Poe bots, which, if utilized by many users, could make you money because the bots are monetizable.

create your own poe custom bots

But, it has some issues which I hate sometimes. Poe AI fails to know the context sometimes when prompts are long.

It also won’t follow your NSFW messages sometimes, and sometimes it does.

The free version is cool, but sometimes, the tokens are spent very easily as a result of a nasty understanding of the context.

Overall, Poe’s AI is my favorite despite its cons.

But I might recommend Poe AI to anyone fairly than spending money on Claude AI or Perplexity for some reason.

But to be clear, Poe AI and other alternatives to ChatGPT are different. Poe AI offers a group of various models for a set price. The other chatbots aren’t collections like this.

What Have I Missed

Well, that is my list of the most effective ChatGPT alternatives. I feel I even have mentioned the most effective ones on my list.

But comment down your suggestions if I missed some other alternative that needed a mention.

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