If you could possibly solve any global problem on the earth with AI, what would it not be and why?

Addressing the worldwide challenge of constructing education accessible through AI represents a transformative ambition that has the ability to reshape humanity’s future. Ensuring everyone has access to quality education, no matter where they live, their economic background, or physical capabilities, could unlock immense untapped potential and catalyze substantial advancements across the breadth of human development.

What do you think that are the three most vital things for businesses in relation to AI in the intervening time?

1. Ethical use and transparency
2. Continuous education and training programs
3. Data governance and quality



What do you think that are the three most vital things for humanity in relation to AI in the intervening time?


1. Ethical development and use of this recent technology
2. Collaboration
3. Sustainability and environnement

How do you think that AI will make its biggest mark in the following 5, 10, 20 years?


AI’s trajectory over the following few a long time suggests a profound impact across several domains. Here’s how I believe AI might make its biggest mark in the following 5, 10, and 20 years:

Next 5 years | Integration and personalization

Enhanced automation and AI-driven analytics that may end in optimisation of various process within the business sector. Integration in healthcare to make treatments more practical and accessible. And AI personal assistants in on a regular basis life will develop into more sophisticated.

Next 10 years | Innovation and Efficiency

Urban mobility will develop into more efficient with autonomous vehicles. AI will play a key role in climate science and energy efficiency.

Next 20 years | Transformation and Discovery

AI may lead to breakthroughs in understanding genetic diseases, aging, and brain-computer interfaces, potentially revolutionizing treatments and increasing human lifespan. The fusion of AI with quantum computing may solve complex problems currently beyond reach, akin to intricate simulations for drug discovery and materials science.


Which 2 people do you admire most on the earth of AI when it comes to their work?


Andrew Ng and Geoffrey Hinton.


What are you most enthusiastic about collaborating within the WSAI Series?


The unique opportunity to share my visions with a worldwide audience, the prospect to explore future collaborations and learn from the most effective in the sphere of artificial intelligence.





Global AI events calendar

24-25 April 2024

Montréal, Canada


World AI Week 

7-11 October 2024

Amsterdam, Netherlands


9-10 October 2024

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Intelligent Health

11-12 September 2024

Basel, Switzerland


10-11 December 2024

DECC, Doha, Qatar



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