Adobe recently launched a brand new feature in Adobe Firefly called Structure Reference, a brand new way of turning ideas into creative outputs. With the addition of the brand new feature to Adobe Firefly, you might be allowed even greater creative freedom than before. Adobe has added Structure Reference to its groundbreaking Adobe Firefly generative AI tool. This recent and revolutionary feature lets users use the composition of existing images to guide the generation of entirely recent AI images. Structure Reference streamlines the method and provides more precise control over the ultimate artwork, perfect for each experienced designers and newbies. 

AI image generation was once an easy process and Adobe Firefly has contributed so much to AI image generation being some of the popular AI image generators. 

Adobe Firefly takes AI image generation a step further with Structure Reference. Structure Reference helps you to inject an existing image’s structure into your AI creations. Simply provide a reference image and generate multiple variations that maintain the identical layout. You not must struggle to put in writing the right prompt – Structure Reference cuts through trial and error, making it easier to realize your creative vision. Plus, when combined with Style Reference, you’ll be able to influence each the structure and artistic type of your AI-generated images, unlocking a brand new level of creative control.

Imagine transforming ideas into beautiful visuals with incredible ease. That’s the magic of Adobe Firefly’s Structure Reference, a revolutionary feature inside the Text to Image module. This revolutionary AI tool allows creators across different fields to govern, influence, and generate AI images with exceptional precision.

Here’s what Structure Reference can do:

Pose and Style Control: Structure Reference means that you can upload an image of your individual doing a certain pose and the generated AI image will match your style and pose – providing you with full control over the AI output. 

Reimagine Logo Style: If you own an organization or have your individual brand logo you’ll be able to reimagine it in a special style providing you with full control over the output. You may not require a logo designer, you simply need a vision.

Room Redesign: Give a brand new life to your living space! Upload a photograph or sketch of your room, and Structure Reference will generate variations with different layouts and styles – all at the press of a button.

Turn Simple Drawing into AI Art: You can transform an easy child’s drawing into a shocking AI image. Structure Reference may even add depth, texture, and realistic details, turning an easy sketch into an AI masterpiece.

Colorize & Transform black and white images and drawings: You can add colourful vibrancy to black and white photos or line drawings. Structure Reference helps you to retain the unique style while adding a splash of color or completely transforming the material.

Structure Reference can streamline creative workflow and eliminate the necessity for crafting lengthy text prompts. Designers can effortlessly set image layouts, subject postures, and overall structure, perfect for generating on-brand marketing materials or establishing a consistent visual style across projects.

Structure Reference empowers creators of all levels to take their vision to the following level. Whether you are a designer, marketer, or just someone with an idea, this powerful AI tool offers a complete recent world of creative possibilities. 

Adobe’s recent Structure Reference in Firefly lets users use the prevailing images to guide AI art or AI image creation. This simplifies the technique of crafting the right prompt and allows precise control over the composition, style, and details of the AI image output. Structure Reference helps streamline workflows and empowers creators of all levels to bring ideas to life using minimum inputs.

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