Devin already has another. Previously we showed you Devin the primary Artificial intelligence (AI) software engineer by Cognition with groundbreaking exceptional capabilities. Devin by itself could make autonomous decisions, plan, and even execute the entire software development process soon after Devin got here its alternative – Devika an open-source agentic AI software engineer. You may call it the open-source alternative to Devin. 📂

Devika is a groundbreaking agentic AI software engineer who can streamline development by transforming complex instructions into actionable steps. Devika is an revolutionary tool that uses advanced AI to put in writing code,  combining natural language processing (NLP) with planning algorithms for intelligent software creation. Devika empowers developers by acting as a virtual pair programmer, and simply tackling complex coding tasks. 🧑‍💻

Devika is modeled after Devin and is attempting to sooner or later meet Devin’s SWE benchmark rating. Devika has some impressive AI feature sets designed to empower software engineers. It offers compatibility with industry-leading large language models like Claude 3, GPT-4, and GPT-3.5, alongside local options through Ollama. This powerful AI software engineering tool can break down complex projects, conduct web research, and write clean code in various languages – all whilst you interact and supply guidance through a natural chat interface. Isn’t that crazy? Human + AI = Magic! 🪄

In a nutshell, Devin was recently launched as the primary AI software engineer and it already has an open-source competitor: Devika. Devika understands complex coding tasks, writes clean code, and uses natural language to collaborate with developers, aiming to revolutionize software development with AI.

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