In the realm of artificial intelligence, OpenAI’s latest AI model, GPT-4, has garnered significant attention. Boasting impressive capabilities in language processing and image interpretation, GPT-4 represents a big advancement in the sphere. However, having access to this cutting-edge technology often comes at a value, with many platforms requiring a subscription fee. But fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we are going to explore several platforms that allow users to harness the ability of GPT-4 totally free. Let’s dive in and discover how you may experience the wonders of GPT-4 without breaking the bank.

1. Bing Chat: Unleashing GPT-4’s Potential

One of the primary platforms to supply free access to GPT-4 is Microsoft’s Bing Chat. With a powerful partnership with OpenAI, Microsoft has integrated GPT-4, also generally known as “Prometheus,” into its AI-powered chat service. By simply visiting the Bing Chat website and initiating a conversation, you may tap into the immense capabilities of GPT-4. The better part? There aren’t any limitations or restrictions on the variety of queries you may make. Whether you seek answers or wish to generate highly detailed images through OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 text-to-image tool, Bing Chat has got you covered.

GPT-4 for Free: Unleashing the Power of OpenAI's Latest AI Model

To profit from Bing Chat’s GPT-4 integration, switch to the “Creative” mode and begin asking your questions. This mode utilizes the ability of GPT-4, allowing for more accurate and comprehensive responses. If you like a mobile experience, consider installing the Bing app in your Android or iOS device. By enabling the “GPT-4” toggle, you may seamlessly converse with GPT-4 and even make the most of its multimodal capabilities by uploading images. Bing Chat is a implausible option for those looking for free access to GPT-4, offering a plethora of features with none financial commitment.

2. Perplexity AI: Unlocking GPT-4’s Potential in Search

If you’re on the lookout for greater than only a chat experience, Perplexity AI is the platform for you. As an AI-powered search engine, Perplexity combines its vast database with GPT-4 to supply an enhanced search experience. By leveraging GPT-4’s Co-Pilot feature, which utilizes the ability of GPT-4 to enhance search results, Perplexity AI revolutionizes the best way we discover information online. Although the free version of Perplexity doesn’t explicitly state GPT-4 usage, activating the “Copilot” mode enables access to GPT-4 for as much as five questions every 4 hours.

To start with Perplexity AI, visit their official website and join for an account. Once logged in, toggle on the “Copilot” option within the search bar, and also you’re able to harness the ability of GPT-4. Whether you’re planning a visit, researching a subject, or looking for answers to complex queries, Perplexity AI, with its GPT-4 integration, offers an efficient and effective solution. While the free version has limitations, it provides a taste of what has to supply, making it a wonderful alternative for experiencing GPT-4’s capabilities with none cost.

3. Merlin: Your AI-Powered Guide to GPT-4

Merlin, a robust AI-powered extension, provides one other avenue for accessing GPT-4’s capabilities. Designed to help users in various tasks, including searches and articles, Merlin acts as your intelligent guide. To start with Merlin, visit the official Chrome extension page and add it to your browser. Once installed, you may summon Merlin through keyboard shortcuts or by clicking on its icon at any time when you would like assistance.

Merlin: Your AI-Powered Guide to GPT-4

To utilize GPT-4 inside Merlin, open any website or use Google search, and initiate a conversation with the extension. By choosing GPT-4 from the dropdown menu, you may tap into its language processing capabilities. Keep in mind that while you’ve got 51 free queries available, each GPT-4 usage consumes ten queries without delay. Additionally, you may enable web access to further enhance your browsing experience. With Merlin, accessing GPT-4 becomes seamless and intuitive, making it a helpful tool for those looking for free access to GPT-4.

4. Forefront AI: Personalize Your Chatbot Experience

For a singular and personalized chatbot experience powered by GPT-4, Forefront AI is the platform to explore. By leveraging ChatGPT and GPT-4, Forefront AI allows users to create their very own fictional or real character chatbots. The platform offers a big selection of personas to select from, including celebrities and historical figures. Whether you’re on the lookout for an enticing chat or an interactive storytelling experience, Forefront AI has you covered.

To start with Forefront AI, simply join on their website and choose a persona in your chatbot. Once your persona is chosen, you may begin chatting and switch between the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models with a click of a button. Additionally, you’ve got the liberty to vary chatbot personas in the midst of a conversation, adding excitement and flexibility to your interactions. Forefront AI’s integration of GPT-4 provides an immersive and enjoyable chatbot experience, allowing users to experience the ability of GPT-4 in a personalised and fascinating manner.

5. Hugging Face: Experience GPT-4 with Ease

Hugging Face, a well-liked platform for AI models and tools, offers an accessible strategy to experience GPT-4 totally free. Through their web app, Chat-with-GPT4, hosted on Hugging Face, users can tap into the ability of GPT-4. While response times could also be slower attributable to high demand, the power to access GPT-4 totally free makes it well well worth the wait.

To access GPT-4 through Hugging Face, simply visit the platform’s web app and initiate a conversation. Although the response time may vary, you’ll eventually receive a response from GPT-4. To avoid potential queues, consider duplicating the space and adding your individual API key for personal use. This means that you can bypass any waiting times and experience the seamless interaction with GPT-4. Hugging Face provides a convenient and accessible platform for users to explore GPT-4’s capabilities with none financial commitment.

Bonus: and Poe – Formerly Free GPT-4 Access

While access to GPT-4 may not be entirely free on platforms like and Poe, they still offer limited access to GPT-4’s capabilities., a platform that gives personalized chat experiences and high-quality image generation, allows users to access GPT-4 together with several other advanced chatbot models. With over 350,000 bots created by Ora users, the platform offers a singular and diverse experience.

Similarly, Poe is a platform that permits users to experiment with cutting-edge chatbot models, including GPT-4. By signing up and creating an account, users can access GPT-4, ChatGPT, and other powerful models totally free. Although the access is restricted, these platforms still provide a helpful opportunity to experience the potential of GPT-4 and other advanced AI models.


OpenAI’s GPT-4 represents a big milestone in the sphere of artificial intelligence. While access to this powerful AI model often comes with a price, there are several platforms that allow users to experience GPT-4 totally free. Whether through Bing Chat, Perplexity AI, Merlin, Forefront AI, or Hugging Face, users can tap into the immense capabilities of GPT-4 with none financial commitment. Additionally, platforms like and Poe offer limited access to GPT-4, providing users with a taste of its potential. The era of GPT-4 is here, and with these platforms, you may unlock its power and explore the probabilities of artificial intelligence without breaking the bank.

Does GPT4Free save data?

Yes, GPT4Free does save conversation data but follows strict privacy guidelines. You can review the platform’s privacy policy for a transparent understanding of how your data is handled.

How many questions are you able to ask GPT in an hour?

With GPT4Free, there aren’t any limitations on the variety of questions you may ask inside an hour. As long as your session is energetic and you’ve got a stable web connection, you may proceed your conversation with GPT with none restrictions.

Can GPT4Free write essays?

Absolutely! GPT4Free is able to generating text based on various prompts, including essays. However, it can be crucial to notice that GPT4Free is an assistive tool, and human review and editing are sometimes essential to make sure the standard and accuracy of the generated content.

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