As anyone who works in the sphere of artificial intelligence knows, focus is important. Whether you are working on coding an algorithm or writing a blog in regards to the latest breakthroughs in AI, it is vital to find a way to take care of concentration for long periods of time. And among the best ways to try this is by listening to music that helps you stay focused and motivated. For many individuals within the AI community, that music is by the German band Kraftwerk. With their minimalist electronic soundscapes, Kraftwerk creates an excellent backdrop for concentrated work. The repetitive rhythms and lack of lyrical content help to dam out distractions, while the general tone of the music is each energizing and calming. As a result, it’s no surprise that Kraftwerk’s music has develop into such a staple within the AI community. So in the event you’re on the lookout for the right soundtrack on your next AI project, look no further than Kraftwerk.

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Do you want Kraftwerk? What other music to you wish to hearken to while doing AI work? Please share your favorite music within the comments.

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