Tell me a joke about AI:

Why was the pc cold? Because it left its Windows open!

Why did the AI go to high school? Because it wanted to enhance its “learning algorithm”!

Why did the robot go on a weight-reduction plan? Because it had too many bytes!

What do you call an AI that sings? A Dell!

Why don’t AI programs have friends? Because they’re all the time stuck in a loop!

An AI, a robot, and a human are all attending a barbecue. The AI is answerable for calculating the proper cooking time for the steaks, the robot is handling the grilling, and the human is just there to benefit from the party.

The AI publicizes, “Based on my calculations, the steaks will likely be perfectly cooked in just 9 minutes and 47 seconds.”

The human looks impressed, however the robot says, “I’ll start the grilling process, but I’m adding my very own twist to it.”

The human, curious, asks the robot what its ‘twist’ is. The robot replies, “I’ll cook the steaks for exactly 10 minutes, no more, no less, to prove I’m higher at grilling than any AI.”

The AI interjects, “But my calculations are precise to the second for the optimal taste and texture.”

As they banter backwards and forwards, the human decides to only enjoy a drink and wait. After 10 minutes, the robot proudly serves the steaks, barely overcooked.

The human takes a bite and says, “Well, it isn’t bad, but perhaps next time we must always just stick with the AI’s calculations.”

The AI, feeling a bit smug, replies, “I assume it’s true what they are saying: too many cooks spoil the broth, or on this case, too many robots overcook the steak!”

The human and the AI share amusing, while the robot, somewhat embarrassed, agrees to team up with the AI for the following barbecue.

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An AI, a programmer, and a dog walk right into a bar for a trivia night. The AI is there to calculate probabilities, the programmer is there to debug any issues, and the dog… well, he’s just there for good company.

The quiz master asks the primary query: “What’s the capital of France?” The AI quickly responds, “Paris, with a 99.99% probability.” They get the purpose.

The second query comes up: “In what 12 months did the American Civil War end?” Before the AI can answer, the programmer jumps in with, “1865! I remember from my history class.” They get one other point.

Feeling confident, they await the third query: “What goes up a chimney down, but cannot go down a chimney up?” The AI calculates furiously, spitting out probabilities and algorithms, while the programmer frantically Googles different theories.

Meanwhile, the dog, who had been quietly sitting, barks loudly and everybody within the bar turns to look. The quiz master laughs and says, “Correct! It’s an umbrella. Open, it could actually’t go down a chimney, but closed, it could actually go up.”

The AI and programmer are stunned. The AI says, “I calculated every logical possibility, but I didn’t consider common riddles!”

The programmer adds, “And I used to be too focused on finding a technical answer!”

They each take a look at the dog, who just wags his tail happily.

The moral of the story? Sometimes, the reply you are in search of doesn’t require complex algorithms or advanced technology. Sometimes, all you would like is a special perspective… or a dog who knows his riddles!


It is secure to say ChatGPT can be no world champion at telling funny jokes yet, nevertheless it did A LOT higher than Grok and Gemini. Telling jokes, especially about AI, continues to be not quite 100% solved yet, even for LLMs (large language models). We’ll revisit this topic in the longer term to see what progress has been made.

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