The PhD at Wide Eyes Technologies, Dr. Vacit Oguz Yazici, wins a CERCA Pioner Award for his doctoral thesis to AI in Fashion Industry

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Vacit Oguz Yazici, PhD at Wide Eyes Technologies, has been recognized by the CERCA Institution – Research Centers of Catalonia -, with a Pioner Award 2022
The thesis developed by the Wide Eyes’ PhD, Dr. Vacit Oguz Yazici, is what makes him the winner of the ninth edition of Pioner Awards. The winner of CERCA Pioner Award 2022 apply this cutting-edge thesis at Wide Eyes Technologies, the Visual AI partner of the masters of fashion.



Pioner Award 2022: Cutting-edge thesis to AI and its industrial contribution in Fashion Industry

Dr. Vacit Oguz Yazıcı, PhD at Wide Eyes Technologies, wins the CERCA Pioner Award 2022 for the industrial contribution of his thesis to the style industry. A research project that delves into the applying of AI (artificial intelligence) for improving two different processes related to image treatment in the style sector.

The thesis that has led Dr. Vacit Oguz Yazici to great success is , which Wide Eyes Technologies has been the commercial partner. Dr. Yazici conducted this thesis under the supervision of Dr. Arnau Ramisa (ex Senior Computer Vision researcher at Wide Eyes Technologies and really a Scientist at Amazon) and Dr. Joost van de Weijer, senior researcher at CVC. And, with the unconditional support of Long Long Yu (Co-Founder and CIO at Wide Eyes Technologies), too.

The winner of CERCA Pioner Award 2022 had the chance to use his research at Wide Eyes Technologies, the worldwide SaaS leader of visual AI solutions for the Fashion industry, which was the commercial partner of his thesis.

As Dr.  Oguz Yazici explained it through the award ceremony, his thesis focused on three challenges encountered by computer vision engineers working in the style industry:

  1. The Multi-label Image Classification challenge
  2.  The Multi-label Colour Recognition challenge
  3.  The Main Product Detection challenge

Although all these challenges were based on different subjects of the sphere, the essential objective was to develop highly accurate computer vision models in order that more e-commerce retailers can depend on these models to rearrange or label their large catalogs in a matter of seconds, as a substitute of choosing manual annotation which is liable to error and time-consuming. They also can provide a smoother and faster experience for patrons by providing them with more content that resembles the shopper’s garment of interest, said Dr. Oguz Yazici during his speech on the Pioner Award 2022 ceremony.

The CERCA Pioner Award jury highlighted that Yazici’s research describes the applying of artificial intelligence for improving two different processes related to image processing in the style pie: the automated identification of clothes and the automated classification of colors. 

Although it’s a highly competitive field, the thesis shows higher results than currently used systems. It proves to be an interesting technology with real industrial potential in step with global market trends. For this reason, we applied Yazici’s research in Wide Eyes Technologies.

“By using computer vision-based fashion systems has great industrial impacts and likewise is in the most effective interest of all parties in the style industry”, concluded the winner of Pioner Awards 2022.


Don’t miss the speech by the winner of the CERCA Pioner Awards 2022: Dr. Oguz Yazic, PhD at Wide Eyes technologies. We are so pleased with having talent like him in our research team. Everything you do is magic!


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