Are you looking for Midjourney anthropomorphic prompts?

We love creating human-like characteristics for nonhuman agents. Remember the Disney movie Cars? “Ka-Chow!”

Yes this one

That’s an incredible example of anthropomorphism, so if you wish to let your ideas flow and add human-like characteristics to animals and other things, you possibly can do this using our Midjourney prompts compiled below.

By the best way, you may also use the identical anthropomorphic prompts in DALL-E or any AI image generator.

Try them yourself and see the magic!

Can You Create Anthropomorphic Images in Midjourney?

Yes, you possibly can create anthropomorphic images in Midjourney by providing appropriate text prompts.

For instance, creating an anthropomorphic businessman can start with a straightforward prompt like “Panther in a biker outfit” and be refined with additional details comparable to definition, color, and context to boost realism and specificity.

Anthropomorphic lion in a jacket example

This would involve iteration adjusting parameters like aspect ratio and quality settings to attain the specified end result​​. Do not forget to envision out our guides on Midjourney.

Based on text prompts, the model can create various images, including 3D illustrations and photorealistic artwork.

List of Midjourney Anthropomorphic Prompts

Let’s now take a look at a few of the most effective Midjourney prompts for anthropomorphic style.

Anthropomorphic Animals

1. Anthropomorphic Owl Scholar

Prompt: “Whimsical anthropomorphic human owl, standing beside a bookshelf full of antique tomes, wearing formals and specs, a shakes bathed in warm candlelight, 35mm Zeiss Biotar lens, painterly style, vibrant colours, dreamlike atmosphere, 32K UHD resolution –v 6.0”


midjourney anthropomorphic human owl

2. Anthropomorphic Squirrel

Prompt: An adventurous image of an anthropomorphic squirrel backpacker on a mountain trail, full of life and determined. Shot on Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM, natural light with a polarizing filter for vibrant skies, wide angle to capture the expansive landscape, –ar 1:1 –v 6.0


image of an anthropomorphic squirrel midjourney

3. Anthropomorphic Fox

Prompt: Anthropomorphic human like red fox thief, mid-heist in a grand library, silhouetted against a moonlit window. Wide-angle lens, dramatic lighting, scattered books and papers, high contrast, shot on Sony a7 IV, Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 G2 –v 6.0


Anthropomorphic human like red fox thief

4. Anthropomorphic Cat

Prompt: An in depth-up of an anthropomorphic cat barista, crafting a latte art masterpiece, macro lens, warm studio lighting, steam rising from the cup, detailed fur texture, shot on Canon EOS R5, RF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM –v 6.0


Anthropomorphic cat

5. Anthropomorphic Dog

Prompt: anthropomorphic dog pilot wearing leather jacket and aviators, soaring through the clouds in a vintage biplane, wide-angle lens, clear blue sky, windswept scarf, focused on the dog’s determined expression, shot on Sony a1, Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II


Anthropomorphic dog pilot

Anthropomorphic Object Prompts

In Midjourney, you might have the desire to make things that behave like people sometimes. Here are some examples of prompts which may provide help to if that’s what you wish:

6. Anthropomorphic Camera

Prompt: Still lifetime of a anthropomorphic vintage camera that got here to life, walking on a road in 80s, human-like characterstics, peering curiously on the viewer, shot on Canon EOS R5, RF 85mm f/1.2L, soft studio lighting to focus on textures, 32k resolution, capturing the intricate details and the whimsical expression, against a backdrop of old photographs, –ar 16:9 –v 6.0


anthropomorphic vintage camera

7. Anthropomorphic Teacup

Prompts: scene where a anthropomorphic teacup possessing human characteristics eyes nose mouth talking to a close-by anthropomorphic saucer, Canon EOS R5, RF 85mm f/1.2L, delicate backlight to focus on the steam’s curves, high resolution for texture detail, warm kitchen setting at sunrise –v 6.0


anthropomorphic teacup possessing human characteristics

8. Anthropomorphic Car

If you wish your anthropomorphic style images to be more cartoonish, you need to use the –niji parameter just like the below prompt.

Prompt: a human like anthropomorphic automobile, with human face features, driving in ny city, hiromu arakawa style, –ar 16:9 –niji


anthropomorphic car

9. Anthropomorphic Bull

Prompt: a hyper realistic photograph of a shocking anthropomorphic bull modern athletic machoman in biker outfit at midnight bar drinking beer, sitting with an anthropomorphic lion stunning composition evoke a way of admiration, hyper realistic and hyper detailed, hyper emotional, epic dark lighting, 32k UHD resolution, shot on Hasselblad H6D 400c Multi shot, Mitakon Speedmaster 35mm f 1. 2 XCD –v 6.0


anthropomorphic bull

10. Anthropomorphic Lamp

Prompt: portrait of a shocking anthropomorphic lamp with a cute face and soothing eyes, dancing within the roomcasting light in a dark room, symbolizing hope, shot on Fujifilm GFX 100, GF 110mm f/2 R LM WR –v 6.0


anthropomorphic lamp

And That’s It!

We hope you bought some inspiration in your next Midjourney prompt.

The anthropomorphic prompts for Midjourney compiled above are only few examples of how you possibly can create some full of life images. You may also use our Midjourney Prompt Generator tool to create Midjourney prompts.

However, it’s all the time really useful to play with these prompt templates and provide you with something unique.

Do comment down below your anthropomorphic prompts to share with the readers.

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